desoxy theatre : 98.4%DNA being human

photo:(top)Max Botticelli, Spoleto Festival
(bottom)Lisa Saad, Lisa Saad Photography

98.4% DNA being human explores the evolution of being human through a performance described as a partnership of physical skill, wierd intelligence and great musicality.

Performed in a near empty space, the performers engage in a physical demonstration of the human species through the chemical, physical and emotional evolution of being human.

Cosmic abstractions are made flesh using an extraordinary mix of voice, dance, text, sound and image

The production has toured to England Ireland, Scotland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria and Italy including festival presentations at the Spoleto Festival,Adelaide Festival and Edinbugh Fringe and most recently at The Asia Pacific Next Wave Festival, Tokyo.

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What Desoxy make tangibly manifest in this courageous performance is 'the body of evidence that bears the scars of evolution'. Limbs twist, bodies fly through the air and walk up walls, and amidst the dark primeval sounds the human voice cries out in pure poetry. An emotional and intellectual assault on sense and the senses." Lyn Gardner, the Guardian, August 17, 1998

"wild, dark, witty, feral Theatre" the Melbourne Age,

"When it comes to interpreting the history of humankind, cliches are inevitable. To what degree the familiar becomes gripping depends on the way the story is transposed into reality. In Blake and Witton the desoxy theatre has two multifaceted cultivated protagonists, whose repertoire can only be described with superlatives exquisite use of speech, excellent counterpoint and other vocalization, exorbitant passages of movement." Nachrichten Linz 2000

"simultaneously informative, witty, beautiful and poetic...utterly gripping" Three Weeks, Edinburgh

"98.4%dna is a visceral experience. The performers share an intimacy that is uncomfortably real. It is sensual and surprisingly seductive." Real Time at the Adelaide Festival 2000